Blackpool Tourism BID

Strategic Approach

As part of the BID development strategy for wider Blackpool, a two BID model has been proposed for implementation during 2021 whereby the TBID will join the Town Centre BID, which focuses upon the retail sector.

On the assumption that both BIDs are successful a two-tier governance structure is proposed which will take the form of one single company covering both BIDs, rather than having a separate company for each BID. This will be led by a Strategic Board (Company Board) which will drive the longer-term ambitions of Blackpool for both its leisure and retail sectors. It will have the primary responsibility of setting the strategic agenda, providing leadership and leveraging investment, in support of developing further the Blackpool visitor economy, while the two individual BIDs will focus on tactical delivery and the fulfilment of objectives set out in their specific business plans.

This model will provide clarity of leadership, sector focus and cost efficiency. The operating costs of both BIDs being reduced by adopting a single management structure and general overhead.

Clarity of Leadership, Cost Efficiency & Sector Focus

The Chairman and one other Director of the TBID Board will sit on the Strategic Board together with representation from the Town Centre BID, Blackpool Council, Business in the Community, Lancashire Local Enterprise Partnership, Blackpool Transport and Marketing Lancashire.

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