Blackpool Tourism BID

The Opportunity

COVID-19 together with increased competition, changes in consumer habits and periods of recession, have all created a challenging environment for Blackpool and its visitor economy. We must now do more together to respond positively and lead a path to recovery and future prosperity.

A tourism-focused business improvement district provides an opportunity to focus energy, enthusiasm and resource behind a business-led management model working in partnership with statutory authorities and key stakeholders.

A Blackpool TBID does not promise to tackle every issue at hand within the different aspects of the leisure economy, but to help navigate Blackpool’s recovery from COVID-19 and take a lead role on behalf of the tourism sector on projects which matter most to businesses in attracting visitors and keeping them coming back.

The Blackpool TBID will focus on protecting and developing a vibrant tourism economy working in partnership with leisure, accommodation, retail and food and drink businesses to deliver a strong, cohesive, business-focused strategy for Blackpool.

This is an opportunity to 'pump-prime' Blackpool’s tourist economy and help realise its future potential through a Tourism Business Improvement District.

  • £1 million to be invested in Blackpool’s tourist economy over five years
  • A greater say in what is happening
  • Increased footfall, spend and dwell time/overnight stays
  • More customers spending more money in your business

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